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FIRST Tour Success


Singer Songwriter/ Cajun Boy


After 10 years of performing throughout the deep South, Gaspard released his full length debut album "Hoping Heaven Got A Kitchen" in March 2022. The decade that he spent honing his songwriting helped create an album that speaks to the soul of rural roots listeners and alternative folk lovers alike, all while delivering an intimate insight into the Cajun native's groove felt mysticism. Written for his grandparents, his record displays undeniable heart, love, community and the sonic influence of the land that raised him. Click to listen now.

(RIGHT) Gaspard and band bow to a standing ovation of 300+ following his album release show performance May26th 2022 at Acadian Center for the Arts in Lafayette Louisiana. (Left to Right: Bill Smith, Eric Adcock, Chad Viator, Nikia Reaux, Lyle Begnaud, Dustin Gaspard, Sarah Russo, Eric Aucliare, Maegan Berard, Laura Huval)


"Gospel-influenced vocalist and intimate Folk songwriter make Louisiana harmony, showcasing undeniably diverse range"
Sarah Russo is soul singer, vocal producer, duet partner, and front woman. She began honing her craft in church, at the young age of 4. With a range that rivals that of Whitney Houston and grit worthy of Janice Joplin, fans are won over by a voice possessing such soulful sounds and delivering unparalleled harmony.



"The Booze" Available where all music is streamed

Dustin Dale Gaspard prides himself on

intimate, cryptic lyricism and hosts a

range of foreign influences. A Grammy considered Americana songwriter and former frontman of funky/soul band DG& The Freetown Sound, he draws inspiration from

B-side classics of 50s-60s Stax artists and interprets acoustic arrangements for his duo sets.Both artist frequently perform together as the duo "Sarah & Dusty"- which started in 2021. Covering a range of vintage soul hits, Pop classics, and many other genre spanning tunes, Sarah & Dusty gig full time all across the Gulf Coast. They perform for private events (weddings/ house concerts/funerals/engagement parties/ etc.), venues, restaurants and bars. Their eclectic set list offers entertainment from the rowdiest of settings to the most intimate showcases, while they take requests or curate all music for the needs of each gig

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