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October Take Over &PD4

OH the Live music joy! Performing every weekend in October was a blast. Sues Saddle Up, Artmosphere, Dat Dog, The Wurst Biergarten, THANKS SO MUCH!!

Special Thanks to Gino Vallecillo filling in on drums. What a pleasure it was having him for a gig and such a talented friend. The dude smacks the skins! Check out his band Sailor Mouth. We hope we can have him for more shows in the future.

Another big thanks to lead guitar player Myles Migl for performing with us for some shows too. The "Good Dude" himself slays on the gut fiddle and we really had a good time.

Finally, Poodoo Soul Fest part 4 was so fun!!

We are so appreciative for all the support and the crowd of 170+ people!! The Hallo-meme night went so well and really look forward to next year's. Shout out to The Good Dudes and LeTrainiump for opening up the night and jamming so many fabulous tunes.

Next show planned for December's Cow Island Live

See yall then